Ltd Ltd, is a registered New Zealand company, founded and led by two shareholder/directors who have extensive business and commercial experience, particularly in the meat and extraction sectors.

The company was formed following a request from an international ingredient company for an inexpensive product to service a wide range of uses for Actinidin in both the meat and health industries.

The directors of the company are Greg Stratton, Master of Science in Biochemistry (University of Auckland) and Garrick Wells, Batchelor of Commerce and Accounting (Victoria University of Wellington). Greg’s career roles have focussed on animal research in metabolic health, chemical formulation development and enzyme applications in the food industry. Garrick was the financial director of one of New Zealand’s largest construction companies, then chairman of a publicly listed company. For the last twenty years, he has established a reputation for extracting the best elements from fruits, seeds and leaves.

This expertise enabled us to satisfy the ingredient company request and to commence supplying food grade Actinidin to other customers. Operating under the framework of New Zealand’s world-class food safety standards, our proprietary process ensures a highly purified product free from skin and seed by-products. This is important, because seed oil can contaminate the end product and spoil flavour.

Our kiwifruit extract of the protease enzyme Actinidin has been thoroughly researched, tested and proven effective for use as a meat tenderiser and a superior health and nutritional supplement. We are currently testing several new intriguing applications including plant protein hydrolysis so watch this space.

New Zealand has a superior reputation for quality agricultural and horticultural products. Combining that with an extremely well regulated food manufacturing sector, ensures the highest standards of quality and food safety. All our products are manufactured to these exacting criteria.

Our output is a shelf-stable kiwifruit extract standardised to specific enzyme activity. Enzyme assays for each sale are conducted by an independent and internationally certified laboratory.

Our Actinidin Enzyme is:

Totally natural

Has consistent potency

Has no off-flavours

Certification: Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher

Our product is never irradiated, is gluten free and is vegan

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The Founders of

Garrick Wells

Greg Stratton

Greg Stratton