KiwiEnzyme – Actinidin Proteolytic Enzyme Manufacturer

The abundant supply of New Zealand Kiwifruit produced under a well-regulated horticultural environment provides an excellent source of Actinidin, meeting the requirements of world’s best practice in food safety. Being a natural enzyme extracted from a cultivated fruit, New Zealand-produced Actinidin offers a choice where there are objections to the use of recombinant gene technologies, often used in the production of microbial enzymes.

KiwiEnzyme produce food grade Actinidin products, extracted from New Zealand kiwifruit, which can be used for similar applications as papain and bromolein. The proprietary process for producing KiwiEnzyme kiwifruit extracts ensures a highly purified product free of seed and skin by-products. This is important as seed oil can contaminate the end product.

Actinidin Active®

For health & Wellbeing

New Zealand Kiwifruit is a rich, dense source of nutrients, ranking at the top of the most popular fruit varieties in nutritional quality. Kiwienzyme has captured these attributes in its Actinidin Active kiwifruit extract products to provide a valuable component in the formulation of dietary supplements.

Actinidin Active® kiwifruit extracts are highly concentrated natural products with the functional and nutritional benefits of whole kiwifruit.

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KiwiEnzyme© KEP40

Meat Tenderising Kiwifruit Extract Powder

Kiwienzyme formulated Actinidin powder to achieve a stable enzyme activity without adding undesirable excipients to the food end-product. By virtue of its physical stability our Actinidin product can be prepared at various concentrations that will meet the needs of the customer.

A key usage is Meat Tenderising for which we have the product KiwiEnzyme© KEP40.

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About Us

KiwiEnzyme Limited is a New Zealand company that has developed a novel range of extracts from New Zealand kiwifruit for application in meat products achieving enhanced tenderness, juiciness and flavor. The active component in these extracts is the natural enzyme Actinidin.

New Zealand’s reputation for the production of superior quality agricultural and horticultural products combined with a regulated food manufacturing sector ensures the highest standards of quality and food safety in the application of Kiwienzyme’s extract products.

In addition to manufacturing Actinidin powders, our research and development expertise in critical extraction has resulted in world-class international products and companies like Trilogy® International Natural Skincare and Arthrem® Arthritis Formula.

All our products are Halal and Kosher certified.

All of our products are certified GMO-Free.