Ltd Ltd is a registered New Zealand company with years of experience extracting natural components from agricultural products and developing novel applications for those extracts. Our focus today is enzyme sales to a variety of world class food ingredient companies, meat processors and nutritional supplement formulators.

Our range of kiwifruit extracts have been thoroughly researched, tested and proven effective as both a meat tenderiser and a superior health and nutritional supplement. We are currently testing several new intriguing applications including plant protein hydrolysis so watch this space.

New Zealand’s reputation for superior quality agricultural and horticultural products combined with a regulated food manufacturing sector ensures the highest standards for quality and food safety. All our products are manufactured to these exacting standards.

Our output is a shelf-stable freeze-dried kiwifruit extract standardised to specific enzyme activity. Enzyme assays by an internationally acclaimed laboratory.

All Natural

Consistent potency

No guesswork

No off-flavours

Halal and Kosher certified

Certified GMO free