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Freeze-Dried Kiwifruit Extract

Can Kiwifruit Extract P40 be used in meat tenderising without needle injection?2019-07-24T02:37:36+00:00

Effective tenderising requires uniform distribution of the enzyme solution into all muscle layers. Tumbling will assist this process, but tumbling without injection will require longer process times and can result in texture loss and variable tenderising.

What is the typical dose rate of Kiwifruit Extract P40?2019-07-24T02:38:17+00:00

Kiwifruit Extract P40 is typically dosed at 0.5% – 2.0% by weight in a brine solution. The enzyme / brine solution is injected at 10% – 15% by weight of meat.

Is it necessary to use a brine with the Kiwifruit Extract P40?2019-07-24T02:39:11+00:00

The primary purpose of the brine is to provide effective water holding in the meat thereby ensuring that the enzyme performs optimally to tenderise meat fibres. Tenderising solutions increase the water content of the meat which would be lost during subsequent handling without a suitable brine.

Additional benefits of the brine are enhanced flavour and juiciness of the cooked meat.

Alternative water binding agents such as Carrageenan Gum have been used as partial replacements for salts but these can result in undesirable textural qualities in the meat.

What brine should be used?2019-07-24T02:39:41+00:00

Salt brines are typically a mixture of sodium chloride and sodium tripolyphosphate.

Brines available from food ingredient suppliers will be compatible with Kiwifruit Extract P40.

How stable is Kiwifruit Extract P40 in the brine solution?2019-07-24T02:40:12+00:00

Kiwifruit Extract P40 has demonstrated stability in high salt brine solutions (15% by weight) with no loss of activity after 3 hours at 7°C.

Will substitution of brine with Carrageenan Gum affect enzyme activity?2019-07-24T02:42:03+00:00

Kiwifruit Extract P40 has demonstrated no loss of activity when Carrageenan Gum at up to 2% by weight was added to the brine solution.

Is Kiwifruit Extract P40 easy to dissolve in the brine solution?2019-08-04T23:34:28+00:00

Kiwifruit Extract P40 is readily soluble at the recommended use rates. The solution does require continual agitation during the powder addition. Blending the brine salt mix with Kiwifruit Extract P40 prior to dissolving in water assists the dispersion and dissolution.


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