Health & Nutrition

Actinidin Active™

New Zealand Kiwifruit is a rich dense source of nutrients, rating at the top of the most popular fruit varieties in nutritional quality. It is from this fascinating fruit that KiwiEnzyme derives its Actinidin Active® to provide a valuable component for formulating health & nutritional supplements.

  • Retains up to 80% of antioxidants and polyphenols (by analysis)
  • High in fibre, both soluble and insoluble
  • Contains vitamins A, E, B12, folate and minerals
  • Contains the enzyme Actinidin

The health benefits of Actinidin are well-researched and documented.

Digestive aid and mitigates bowel problems

Better bowel health, laxation, more complete digestion of protein. This is especially important for the elderly population whose bodily functions are naturally changing.


Soluble and insoluble fibre support the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. This microflora is important to bodily health and prevention of chronic disease.

Glycaemic control

Soluble fibre in kiwifruit absorbs water and forms a gel. This property controls the absorption of sugars and cholesterol in the blood giving kiwifruit a low glycaemic index.

Cardio vascular

Daily consumption of kiwifruit reduces platelet aggregation and blood triglycerides both factors in cardiovascular disease.