Kiwifruit Extracts

Actinidin Proteolytic Enzyme

KiwiEnzyme produces food grade kiwifruit extracts having similar applications to Papain and Bromolein

These applications include:

Our Actinidin products have a number of distinct advantages:

  • Reliability of Supply
    Sourced from New Zealand kiwifruit. The New Zealand kiwifruit industry has a long history of stable production producing fruit that meet the highest standards of horticultural practice and food safety. Continuity of supply is assured.
  • Safety
    The regulatory controls on fruit production prevent harmful chemicals from entering the food chain. Ensures compliance with New Zealand’s high food safety standards.
  • Formulation
    The product is a powder provided in a way that will be compaitible with the customer’s requirements.
  • Shelf Life
    Packed in multi-layer metallised barrier bags, moisture and air uptake is minimised, achieving a shelf life of up to 2 years at ambient temperature .
  • Thermal Stability
    Actinidin activity is optimal at 55º – 60ºC ensuring that hydrolysis can be performed at temperatures preventing microbial growth.
  • High Activity Levels
    Our Actinidin extracts can be produced with high proteolytic enzyme activity levels. Kiwienzyme© Actinidin enzyme activity is expressed in units per gram based on the synthetic substrate CBZ-lysine-ONp. If you are unable to relate your application to the units stated on our product then we will be happy to assist in making the correlation/comparison.
  • Purity
    The proprietary process for producing KiwiEnzyme kiwifruit extracts ensures a highly purified product free of seed and skin by-products. This is important as seed oil can contaminate the end product.