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Freight terms and conditions

*Freight costs are estimates only and subject to change. For a valid quote please use our enquiry page.


Minimum order quantity is 10kg. Sample size is often less and dependent on need.

Air Freight

10-200kg. Shipped CPT (carriage paid to) using spot rates. Delivery to destination excluding tax and duty. Air Freight pricing will be confirmed at time of order placement. Please use our Enquiry Page to request a quote.

Sea Freight

200kg or more. Palletised and shipped to nearest main port CIF (cost, insurance & freight). Larger orders reduce the freight cost per kg. Kiwienzyme quotes inclusive of freight charges. To request a quote, please use our enquiry page


Kiwienzyme will provide samples free of charge where a legitimate trial is undertaken to evaluate the product for ongoing commercial use. Contact us via the enquiry page.


Research Library


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Pre-rigor infusion of kiwi fruit juice increases quality of lamb
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Health & Nutrition

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Certification: Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher

Our product is never irradiated, is gluten free and is vegan